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    Welcome to On Point Apprenticeships, as the North East's leading apprenticeship provider, we've helped thousands of people of all ages and abilities find the right apprenticeship for them. We want to introduce ourselves better and the range of services we provide to apprentices and employers looking to recruit them. 


    Who is On Point Apprenticeships?


    On Point Apprenticeships is part of Gateshead Council, and we deliver apprenticeships for young people looking to start work, people of all ages looking to change their careers and employers across the whole of the North East. Our goal is to connect potential and aspiring apprentices with the right employers, helping businesses to grow, young people to gain skills and independence and contribute to a strong local economy. 


    Although part of Gateshead Council, On Point Apprenticeships offer roles across the region, including Gateshead, Newcastle, Sunderland, and the surrounding areas. We work with local employers in a wide range of industries, from trade to teaching and professional services.


    Our hands-on approach helps young people and apprentices of all ages find the right employer and get the skills they need to embark on an exciting career. From supporting your application and checking your eligibility to checking whether the role will suit you, we take the time to get to know each of our apprentices before connecting you with an employer.



    What kind of apprenticeships do we offer?


    Most people only consider apprenticeships an option for young people leaving school. While apprenticeships are a great alternative to Higher Education that prevents young people from taking out loans for expensive tuition fees, they are also a means of getting on-the-job training and developing your skills.


    An apprenticeship can be across many different levels, from entry-level programmes to advanced training equivalent to Master's degrees and varies from trade apprenticeships to professional services like law, finance and business administration, as well as teaching.


    Our Current Vacancies page has all our current roles across the North East. This page is helpful if you are interested in applying for an apprenticeship and want to learn more about the different apprenticeships that we offer. You can browse sectors, the level of the apprenticeship, and the amount you'd earn as an apprentice in that role. 


    On Point Team
    Post by On Point Team
    August 9, 2023